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  • Create Court Hearing Dates
  • Manage Tasks and Brought Forward Dates
  • Create and Manage Meetings and Consultations
  • Diary Management
  • Client Management
  • Attorney Management
  • Support Staff Management
  • Create and Manage Leads
  • Client Birthday Reminders
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  • Messages to Colleagues
  • Create Court Hearing Dates
  • Manage Tasks and Brought Forward Dates
  • Create and Manage Meetings and Consultations
  • Diary Management
  • Client Management
  • Attorney Management
  • Support Staff Management
  • Create and Manage Leads
  • Client Birthday Reminders
  • And many more!

Messages to Colleagues

By using a specific part of the system you can message all your colleagues whenever you choose with whatever message is appropriate. The message will be displayed by rotating continuously across the top of the Calendar – you can’t miss it! You can also message selected individuals and only they will receive the message intended for them.

Create Court Hearing Dates

In another Section on the calendar you can diarise Court hearing dates which will display all the details – not just the parties and the Court but also details of the Opposing Attorneys, Counsel and whatever other notes you require to appear.

Manage Tasks and Brought Forward Dates

On the same calendar you can diarise tasks you set for yourself and/or your staff. These entries can display details of what is required from the personnel and when. The same applies to brought forward dates.

Create and Manage Meetings

Also on the calendar you can make entries to book meetings. These entries show not only the parties meeting at which time and date; they also display the purpose of the meeting, the venue, the details of the parties concerned and the matter at hand. One is not limited on the number of words one may use and you may even enter directions to the meeting if need be.

Create and Manage Consultations

Consultation entries will show the parties’ details and details of their matter. Also displayed will be any personal details about the Client which will assist them to be better understood and represented by our Attorneys, plus there can be details of the Opposing Attorneys – whatever is required. If it’s a consult with a new Client the details are invaluable, and details of existing Clients keep changing – so the CRM keeps everyone always up to date so we can provide a superior service.

Diary Management

All entries in the diary, no matter if they are Consults, meetings, or tasks, etc, may be edited. Thus if a client changes the date of their consult, or a meeting is brought forward, or tasks are altered; no matter what; there is a facility on the CRM for editing these diarised items and one may edit them as often as is needed.

Client Management

One can easily track the progress of each Client’s matter and how the Clients are responding to our services. We can see all the consults, all the services, all the accounts and payments, all the requests and all the Client comments.

Attorney Management

A glance at the calendar will show you where your Attorneys are and what they are doing. You can see their consults, their meetings, their self-appointed tasks, their deadlines, their billing and their comments. In full view are the tasks they have set for their Candidate Attorneys, with all their requirements for each task. With this detailed insight you have clarity as to the legal section.

Support Staff management

The Admin staff, Receptionist, Secretaries, etc., can be booked for tasks on the diarising system and can enter all their activities from using the CRM, on the CRM. It enables them to be more proficient in the moment and shows Clients that we are aware of their current and changing situations at all times.

Create and Manage Leads

This facility allows you to list details of every lead, and how the staff has responded to them. You enter details and dates of phone calls and dates of brochures and documentation, etc., sent and also make graphs to analyse the various types of enquiries and which services are the most sought after or the most misunderstood.

Client Birthday Reminders

When uploading a new Client’s details, the date of birth section immediately registers and sends you a reminder of the Clients’ birthdays so that you can offer an even better and more personalised service.

And many more!

The functionality is endless and with a little imagination one can identify this particular CRM as one of the smartest, forward focused applications of its kind to date.

See what some of our Happy Customers said about Naartjie Legal

This software is being declared the missing link in speed and accuracy, in thoroughness and streamlined systems. It is the answer to pure Professionalism!

Attorney’s Viewpoint

At the click of a button we can see all the details regarding the matter, the client and the history or the referral of a new matter from another client. It prepares us swiftly pre consult without having to read through dozens of pages of different files. We can see the history of the Clients and their matters, tracking them through the courts, and also giving us information about opposing attorneys’ actions in detail. I can be in Court, Chambers or at home but I can always access the information I need – even from my phone. We can see the accounts, the comments, etc. it makes consults, correspondence, phone calls and Trial work so much more professional and effective.

Practice Manager's Viewpoint

I can see at a glance where all members of the staff are and what they’re doing. I can see consults, meetings – inhouse & out; I can check if leads are being followed up, if accounts are being paid and also see the Clients’ histories, their accounts situations and, because of the unlimited number of words allowed to be used, I get a full description which empowers me to be aware of all situations in detail, at all times. I can be in a meeting, or at home catching up on admin and preparing for the following day. I can check on hours billed and decisions taken in my absence – it keeps us all up to date. This type of communication is the life’s blood of the firm.

Bookkeeper’s Viewpoint

Naartjie Legal’s CRM understands my needs regarding accounts, tax, payments and trust accounts. It has raised professionalism in bookkeeping to a new level and it can even incorporate other systems your firm may be using so that it becomes totally comprehensive. No matter where I am I can check on the movement of finances both in and out and if targeted billable hours are being met. Clients often call me when I’m not at the office, I can still display all of that Clients details at the press of a button either on my pc or my phone. The information I have is always current. That’s efficiency!

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