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The Naartjie Legal CRM is the all-in-one tool you need for your growing law firm. With it, our focus is to help you spend less time doing management work - and more time doing billable work.

The result? More time; more money.

After all, managing your law practice is hard. You have to:

  • Keep up-to-date on your meetings and court hearings.
  • Manage your attorneys and oversee their performance.
  • Handle your clients - and organize their information.

The Naartjie Legal CRM makes it easy for you to optimize and accomplish the above three challenges.

How Naartjie Legal CRM Helps Manage Your Legal Practice

Naartjie Legal Schedules Your Meetings and Hearings

As a lawyer, your number one challenge is keeping track of your upcoming meetings and court hearings.

This can take a lot of time and effort. That’s because every single time you have a new appointment, you have to note it down in your calendar, your phone or in a notepad. Naartjie Legal solves this problem for you.

It comes with a personal calendar that you can use to schedule new appointments. But that’s not all…

Naartjie Legal Streamlines Your Communication

When communicating with your fellow attorneys, you might be using different apps. For example, one time you’re using text messages, the other time you’re using Whatsapp. Plus, with these apps, your conversion history can get lost with time. Your messages may get deleted or it may be in a different app than you remember.

With Naartjie CRM, all this irritation of using different communication apps vanish.

In one window, you can talk to all of your attorneys and fellow partners. This means you won’t have to wonder where that ‘text’ was. Every single conversation you have will be stored in your account, ready for you to see.

How Naartjie Legal CRM Helps Manage Your Clients

Naartjie Legal Stores Your Client Information In A Database

Previously, you might not have had an efficient system for storing your clients’ contact information and data.

One client file might be in an email while the other might be in a filing cabinet somewhere. Plus, their contact information might be stored separately in a long spreadsheet - where searching for a particular client might become difficult.

Naartjie Legal solves this problem as well.

That’s because you can easily store a client’s contact information in your Naartjie CRM database, where you can then easily find the clients you’re looking for.

Naartjie Legal Lets You Oversee Cases For All Your Clients

But with Naartjie CRM, doing so becomes much easier.

That’s because with this CRM, you can create an individual case for every single one of your clients. Not just that, you can also assign dedicated attorneys to a specific case. In addition, you can also attach important case files and legal documents right onto the case you created for your client - plus set up a schedule for their court hearing in your calendar.

This means with Naartjie CRM, you will be able to easily assign, handle and oversee every single case that your law firm works on.

Also, did we mention that the attorneys working on a case can set a status for it? For example, a case can be marked ‘pending’ or ‘processing’ or ‘finished’ depending on which stage it’s in. This will allow you to quickly see which cases need your attention - and which cases are moving smoothly.

How Naartjie Legal CRM Helps You Manage Your Payments

Naartjie Legal Lets You View and Manage Your Attorneys

All this is possible with Naartjie CRM, which lets you create a database of your attorneys. Each attorney has their own profile where you can see which cases they are working on, how many billable hours have they put in and what was the last thing that they communicated with you on the platform.

Naartjie Legal Lets You Quickly Invoice Clients

After you and your attorneys have done the hard work - and solved the legal issues of your clients - you’d want to be paid as fast as possible. Naartjie CRM makes this possible.

With the system, you can quickly enter your billable hours for your clients - and automatically send them a professional invoice based on you and your attorney’s hourly rate.

This makes it easy for you to track how much work you’ve accomplished - and what kind of revenue your law firm generates within a time period. The result is you get paid for your work much faster with less effort

Don’t Miss the Naartjie Legal CRM Reports Section

The lists of features we’ve mentioned above are just the start.

With Naartjie CRM, you also get access to a full-fledged reports section where you can get reports on many aspects of your law firm. You can see an overview of your billable hours, your leads, current clients, revenue generated and more.

All this information will help you see which parts of your law firm need to be improved - and which parts are going strong.

What’s More?

This isn’t everything.

The Naartjie Legal CRM also provides lots of other (both big and little) features that you’ll discover once you use the system.

You’ll get:

  • Automatic cloud backups so that your data is secure.
  • Client birthday reminders so you can make your services extra-special.
  • Tools to manage your support staff i.e. receptionists, secretaries and administrators.

The Naartjie Legal CRM makes it easy for you to optimize and accomplish the above three challenges.

And the best part of all this?

You get a 14-day free trial to see for yourself how this system works. So click here to sign up for Naartjie Legal CRM and test all these exciting features today!

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